Our Partners

The North American Studio Alliance (NAMASTA) generally follows the following procedure for identifying vendors that may supply services as part of the NAMASTA membership or to the wellness community.

  • the need has been expressed or verified, by means of community feedback, membership surveys, etc…
  • the need has to be addressable beyond the local level (for instance, mirrors for your studio or office are generally supplied by a neighborhood merchant);
  • the vendor needs to offer quality services on a large scale at affordable prices;
  • the vendor is asked to offer a substantial privilege or discount to our members.

Once you join, most services are contracted directly between you and the vendors – we encourage you to read the Terms of Use for more information.

NAMASTA is not owned or controlled by vendors and wishes to caution the wellness community and their professionals against vendor-controlled organizations.

Our vendor “partners” provide our members and the wellness community* with offerings in areas that include:

  • a choice of affordable liability insurance programs for yoga teachers, massage therapists, Pilates and T’ai Chi professionals.
  • the lowest cost health care benefit we have found for our US members, covering a wide range of services;
  • low cost dental plans;
  • the most competitive rate and service quality we have found for long distance in the United States
  • ideal for personal as well as business use;
  • the most competitive rate we have found in the United States for legal services to help with your waiver of liability, lease and other matters;
  • a cost effective marketing tool to allow you to keep and add clients;
  • reputable low cost providers of relevant books, magazines, meditation music for massage or for yoga classes you offer, office furniture, computer equipment, business credit card, vitamins, car rental, yoga, pilates and tai chi equipment at or below wholesale prices etc…

** membership is required for certain services or to access discounts, all services may not be available in all areas of the United States or in Canada

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