Legal Services

More than 50% of Americans will have a legal issue in the next 12 months. In today’s increasingly litigious business climate, it is important to have a legal resource to assist you at any time. We offer the most affordable and comprehensive legal help in the US for individuals, families, and small businesses, from California to New York and Illinois to Texas thanks to Legal Club of America®.

Legal Club provides you with access to a nationwide network of over 20,000 attorneys, in all 50 states, that have contracted to provide clients with free and discounted legal advice.

1- Small Business Plan

The self-help approach to legal matters can be financially disastrous. For only $24.95/month you can access a nationwide lawyer referral service with attorneys in California, Florida, New York, Texas, etc… for all your business legal questions.

Attorney-provided free legal advice and services:

    • unlimited small business legal advice for all new matters.
    • attorney review of 5 independent documents each month – 10 pages each.
      For instance: waiver of liability, lease, supplier agreements, subcontractor or employment contracts etc…
    • initial call made on behalf of your business – maximum 2/month
    • initial letter written on behalf of your business – maximum 3/month
    • 10 initial collection letters – maximum 10/month
    • individual consultation for any new legal matter (30 minutes maximum)
    • registered agent for your business

Low hourly rates.
Representation is available at $89/hour (out-of-court) or $109/hour (in-court).
Compare with the US average of $184/hour for partner attorneys

2. Individual and Family Legal Plan

With this individual and family service, you have access to:

  • 7 free legal services provided by participating attorneys including:
    • phone consultations for new legal matters
    • attorney review of legal documents (6 pages max.) per new matter
    • necessary calls or letters by your attorney
    • individual consultations for new legal matters
    • simple wills for you and your family
    • helpful advice on representing yourself in small claims court
  • deeply discounted rates for 8 common legal issues such as incorporation, real estate closing, traffic ticket defense, bankruptcy, divorce, … – see table
  • NEW BENEFIT: FREE living will, state-specific and personalized for you
  • discounts on contingency fees
  • and a low hourly rate of $75 for all other legal matters.

Legal ServicesMember
Traffic Ticket Defense $89.00$199.00
Name Change$155.00$365.00
Simple Will with Minors Trust $250.00$530.00
Chapter 7 Bankruptcy $750.00$1,500.00
Non-Support (Spouse/Child) $275.00$1,490.00
Simple Divorce $275.00$1,100.00
Regular Incorporation $295.00$585.00
Personal Real Estate Closing $250.00$675.00

At a cost of $144 per year, it is a benefit your family cannot afford to be without.