Who should join NAMASTA?

Membership is open to organizations and individuals of all traditions and schools of training. NAMASTA is open to:

  • the owners, managers and professionals of studios and retreats that teach yoga, pilates, tai-chi and qi gong, meditation, movement techniques, mind-body, bodywork and wellness activities. You may be working at a studio, retreat, academy, school, institute, training entity, wellness center or any small business in those areas
  • those who intend to make a profession out of those areas
  • Massage therapists and bodyworkers. You may be offering your services at a dedicated location like your practice or a studio, in a corporate setting or with private clients.
  • Instructors, you do not need to be certified although NAMASTA certainly encourages you to pursue full accreditation. You may be teaching at a dedicated location, in a corporate setting, at retreats or via workshops or with private clients.
  • Private and corporate sponsors who acknowledge NAMASTA’s values including its business and editorial independence and contribution to the community.
  • Mind-body and wellness enthusiasts who value NAMASTA as a center for information, resources and valuable services.

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Why join?

Although many of us in the field of mind-body shy away from the label “small business”, this is essentially what studios, massage practices and retreats are. The differences with traditional small businesses?

  • bodyworkers, studios, private teachers and retreats have a very personal relationship with their clients
  • you often have little time, interest, or energy to invest into the “business” side
  • without a continental organization, your ability to access group discounts was limited until now

Your NAMASTA membership will save you time and money (and is tax deductible – check with your accountant).

Need more info?:

What are the benefits of membership?

As a member, you get:

  • a newsletter full of information on how to run your studio, massage business, independent contractor activity or retreat including premium NAMASTA Newsletter content
  • the opportunity to raise issues of concern to you and your business for NAMASTA and its members to look for solutions to.
  • unique opportunities to increase client attendance and revenue, save costs and manage business risks. All these opportunities are for you to seize and are absolutely optional.
  • access to negotiated agreements that you typically would not be able to access by yourself. This is because of NAMASTA’s sole focus on your business needs and also because of the volume discounts it is able to obtain. Services available through NAMASTA include Massage therapist and bodyworker insurance, Pilates, T’ai Chi and Yoga teacher and studio liability insurance, discounted studio software, low cost web sites, health benefits, legal services and much more.

The list is growing and is updated from time to time based on needs expressed by the community. You are welcome to indicate your thoughts or requests at any time by sending a detailed e-mail tofeedback@namasta.com. Also, once you join, you will be invited to respond to a questionnaire so we may better understand your needs.
Please visit our membership page for more details or click here to join now .

Do I need to join in order to access NAMASTA benefits?

NAMASTA membership is not required for many services. NAMASTA was created to benefit the whole community and we have therefore made sure some services would be available to non-members either temporarily or permanently. Please visit our directory of services for details.

However, to take advantage of the numerous membership benefits such as access to liability insurance, premium newsletter content, member rates on legal services and web development services, discounts on supplies, a free alternative health care benefit and many more member services, you should consider becoming a member.

NAMASTA offers a wide array of services, where can I see the full list of services?

To help you find your way around, we have created several entry points and a search box below:

  • for the list of services:
    click on the green SERVICES tab at the top of each page to see the full list of services.
    Services are divided between those that require NAMASTA membership and services that don’t.
    If you “mouse over” the “Services” button, you can

    • click on MEMBER SERVICES to see the list of Services for Members – there is also a pull-down menu at the top of the page that enables NAMASTA members to access specific benefits (log-in required).
    • “Mouse over” and click on OTHER SERVICES to see the list of services that do not require NAMASTA membership
  • to see how the site is organized:
    Use the SITE MAP link at the top right corner of each page on the web site.
  • to view the Main Services:
    Main Services can be accessed directly via the HOME page by clicking on the NAMASTA LOGO on the top left corner of any page on this web site.
WWW www.namasta.com

If you have any question, please e-mail us or call us toll-free at 877 NAMASTA, we will strive to respond as soon as possible.


How do I choose between the Associate Membership and the Professional Membership?

The Professional Membership offers many more benefits and support than the Associate Membership.

Click here to see an easy-to-print table comparing the Associate and Professional Membership.

Can I join if I am already a member of a professional association?

Yes, The North American Studio Alliance (NAMASTA) is open to all traditions of Yoga, Pilates, T’ai Chi, Qigong, Massage and Bodywork.
Once a professional has received training, s/he needs information and resources to succeed at building a viable practice.

NAMASTA is the only organization dedicated to delivering effective solutions to the important business needs of our community of mind-body professionals.

How much does it cost to join NAMASTA?

For the NAMASTA Professional Membership, the dues are only US$20/month for 12 months (discounted to only US$199 for the full year in a one-time payment).

Over one year, this is lower than the cost of one or two hours of business consulting – and some of the services could help you save hundreds of dollars per year. By joining now, you will get access to some great benefits that will only grow over the course of this year. View this membership as an investment in your future!

NAMASTA also offers an Associate Membership at a rate of US$9.99 a month for 12 months (discounted to US$99.99 for a one-time payment).
Group discounts of 40% off the monthly dues are available.

Is liability insurance included with the membership? How much is it?

  • Liability Insurance:
    Members can select from a variety of A-rated liability insurance programs which we have set-up with third party providers specifically for our members that are professionally involved with Yoga, Massage, Pilates, Tai Chi, Gyrotonic®, Reiki, Qigong, Reflexology, Shiatsu and other bodywork and mind-body activities. You are eligible to apply for those programs once you are a member and the cost is separate from the membership dues.
    The cost for the insurance depends on what you choose once you are a member. Follow theliability insurance link on the home page for details.
    Note: NAMASTA is not an insurance company and cannot advise you on insurance topics.
  • Health Plans
    Members and non-members may also purchase dental plans and health plans separately for themselves, their family of their business.
    Click here for a free dental plan quote.
    Click here for a free health quote

Why do mind-body authorities recommend going with NAMASTA?

Discover why so many Mind-Body authorities recommend NAMASTA

How do I renew?

  • To renew your membership, simply call us or send us this simple renewal form.
  • To renew your insurance:
    •  you need to be in good standing and have a current NAMASTA membership
    • access the renewal forms in the members-only area of the NAMASTA website. Enter your username and password and follow the links. Call us toll-free at 1 877 NAMASTA if you can’t find the information.

Am I eligible for the Yoga, Pilates and Massage liability insurance offered to members of NAMASTA?

NAMASTA has partnered with experts in the field of Yoga, bodywork and gentle exercise insurance for the benefit of our members. To apply for the liability insurance programs, you need to be an existing NAMASTA member or join and you then separately apply for an insurance program.

NAMASTA and the insurance companies in the United States do not require proof of certification. However, the Canadian insurance program available to members does require a copy of a certificate for each modality requiring insurance coverage.

For details, visit the NAMASTA insurance page and for your specific situation, please contact our insurance partners or an insurance professional.

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I am a member of NAMASTA, when do I get my insurance certificate?

As a member of NAMASTA, you have access to liability insurance programs. Because NAMASTA is a professional organization and not an insurance company and because insurance is optional and one of many benefits available to members, the cost of insurance is not included with the membership.

If you have applied for one of the insurance programs available to NAMASTA members, please direct your inquiries to the insurance company regarding the status of your certificate of insurance.

The contact information for the insurers is in the members-only area of the website.

The insurance companies typically process your applications a few days after you have submitted your information and then mail you the certificate of insurance. In urgent cases, NAMASTA is often able to alert the insurers about the immediacy of your need.
If you need further information, please e-mail us (members only).

Why does NAMASTA contribute to community organizations?

The professionals, individuals and entities who make up the wellness community share the passion for helping others. We too share the passion and want to express our gratitude beyond the service we provide to our members by donating a portion of our earnings to organizations that promote wellness research, social responsibility or community causes. Therefore, your membership dues and the use of services accessible via your membership contributes to the growth of this donation program.

How does NAMASTA sustain itself?

The main source of NAMASTA’s funding is the contributions of our members. This ensures our independence from merchants.
NAMASTA also receives 1) occasional contributions from companies we have selected for their relevance, quality or cost-effectiveness and 2) rare advertising – in keeping with our privacy policy.
NAMASTA receives no contribution in any way from insurance companies.
More info about how we select partners.

Although NAMASTA members are free to choose any vendor they like, NAMASTA spends a lot of research identifying partners and we encourage you to use our partners to help support NAMASTA. Mostly, we encourage you to use our partners’ services because we believe they may make you more effective by saving you money, time, risk, or all three.

What are NAMASTA’s ethics?

NAMASTA has dedicated a whole area of our website to this topic as a testament to our commitment to ethics in our community and the way we conduct ourselves. For more information, please visit the NAMASTA ethics page.

Is NAMASTA a non-profit?

Because NAMASTA offers cost-effective or discounted business services from third parties, it may not presently qualify for the non-profit status without potentially infringing on some tax rules.
We believe that a strict adherence to ethics, laws and social responsibility is more important than a type of tax structure.
Additionally, by not being a non-profit, NAMASTA follows the same model as most professionals in our field, which is one of facing “business issues”, attracting talent, being planet-conscious and the intent to provide valuable services to our members and our communities.

I am having trouble opening the links to the NAMASTA documents

Here is the link to download the Acrobat Reader.

Does NAMASTA provide medical information?

Although NAMASTA is not a medical organization, this disclosure and other policies on this site generally conform with recommended guidelines for medical website information (cf HON).
The body of independent scientific research on the health benefits of mind-body and bodywork activities such as yoga, pilates, massage, reiki or tai chi is growing and is often conclusive (although not validated by the US FDA).
On occasion, NAMASTA may report on such medical research or information provided by third parties. In those instances, we typically cite the source so visitors of this website can further investigate if they so choose. NAMASTA therefore does not provide medical information and as a rule, we urge you to consult with a licensed medical professional before engaging in any physical activity or medical procedure and encourage professionals in non-medical areas to use caution when discussing any health benefits with their clients.

Can you help me with the currency conversion rate?

Certainly! By default, prices shown on this website are in US dollars. Some of our partners based in Canada quote their prices in Canadian dollars. Whatever currency you use today, here are some useful up-to-date conversion tables.

Necesito informacion en espanol

!Bienvenidos a NAMASTA !
NAMASTA, North American Studio Alliance, la alianza nortemericana para los estudios, acoge a todos los profesionales de las actividades llamadas “mind-body”, que resultan en un mayor bienestar de los que las practican : yoga, pilates, tai chi, masaje y actividades similares. NAMASTA le ofrece informacion en ingles sobre topicos de interes como como proporcionar nuevos servicios a sus estudiantes y clientes, como limitar sus costes y como enfrentarse a la dialéctica de combinar su practica con las ganancias que resultan de su pasion.

Ademas, NAMASTA ha logrado acuerdos con proveedores de servicios o equipamiento para estudios y profesionales. No todos servicios de NAMASTA estan disponibles en las àreas de la zona Canada/EEUU/México or fuera de ella – por favor verifique cuando este a punto de contratar con aquellos proveedores. Informacion : el contrato de miembro de NAMASTA esta hecho bajo las leyes del Estado de California.
Los socios que eligen el nivel «Profesional» reciben una pegatina con el sello oficial de NAMASTA para su estudio asi como una version digital para su sitio web y un certificado oficial de socio.
Esperamos que se vuelva socio de NAMASTA y aproveche de las multiples ventajas de ser socio de la alianza.
Si Usted tiene preguntas, por favor contacte-nos por correo electronico o teléfono (numero gratis en los EE.UU y Canada: 1 877 NAMASTA).
Haga click aqui para ser socio de la Alianza NAMASTA ahora .

Je souhaite obtenir des informations en français...

Bienvenue sur le site de NAMASTA !
NAMASTA, North American Studio Alliance, accueille tous les professionnels des activités qui aboutissent a un bien être physique et mental (mind-body ): yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi, Qigong, Massage, Reiki et activités voisines. NAMASTA vous propose des informations en anglais sur des sujets pertinents tels que : quels nouveaux services proposer à ses étudiants ou clients, comment contenir ses coûts d’exploitation et comment traiter les questions de déontologie liés a la combinaison de sa passion et de son activité economique.

Par ailleurs, NAMASTA a obtenu des accords avec des fournisseurs d’équipement et de services pour les studios, retraites et professionnels de notre secteur. Toutefois, tous les fournisseurs ne desservant pas l’integralité de la zone ALENA ou des pays en dehors de l’ALENA, nous vous invitons a vérifier avec les fournisseurs qui vous intéressent leur zone de chalandage. Nota Bene : le contrat de membre de NAMASTA est soumis à la loi de l’Etat de Californie.
Les membres qui choisissent le niveau «Professionnel» reçoivent une décalcomanie avec le sceau officiel de NAMASTA à afficher sur votre porte ou devanture de magasin, un certificat officiel de membre ainsi qu’une version électronique du sceau officiel pour votre site Internet.
Nous espérons vous compter prochainement comme membre de NAMASTA et souhaitons que vous puissiez profiter des multiples avantages qu’être membre de l’Alliance procure.
Notre numero 1 877 NAMASTA est accessible gratuitement depuis le Canada et les Etats-Unis.
Cliquez ici pour rejoindre l’Alliance NAMASTA dés maintenant! .

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