Lighting Solutions

Decorative Fluorescent Light Diffusers by USA Skypanels for your studio, home, school or business

1. Fluorescent light diffusers create a soothing atmosphere ideal for relaxation and meditation.


It makes everyone in the office feel relaxed.
The whole space feels softer.

2. Transform your space – (office, wellness center, hospital) without the costs of a skylight. Installing ceiling fluorescent light diffusers will impress your clients.

Every time I see it, I smile.

Fluorescent Lighting Before         Fluorescent Lighting After Using Diffusers
Before                                                         After

3. Designed to reduce harsh glare from existing lighting. Panels have helped reduce headaches and migraines caused by fluorescent lights.

4. There are many designs : Clouds, trees, palm, kites…

We love our own blue skies …

Most can be done in minutes with minimal effort and a few simple tools. Simply replace your existing fluorescent light covers with these unique, standard-size diffusers (covers fit most fluorescent lights: 24″ x 48″ and panels are easy to trim if needed).

*quotes from Rhythms of Life Wellness Center, Sherman Oaks, CA

Special Introductory Offer

A skylight would typically cost thousands of dollars to install. You can get these soothing light diffusers instead for the introductory price of only $39.97 each (regular price $55.99 each). Act now! Purchase online or call us at 1-877-626-2782.

Shipping costs are a flat rate of $14.95 by FedEx Ground for 1-12 panels (up to 12 panels fit in one box). For 13-24 panels, the flat rate shipping cost is $24.95, and for 25+ panels, the flat rate shipping is $34.95. All addresses in the Continental U.S.