Social Responsibility Statement

NAMASTA treats social responsibility as core to how it operates.

  • We make the needs of the community the core of our mission. We strongly encourage feedback, suggestions and contributions so that our action embodies the aspirations of our community.
  • We select vendors based on the value they bring to our members and the mind-body community rather than to the value they may bring to NAMASTA. Vendor selection criteria include lowest cost, proven high quality, flexibility and national or international reach.
  • We reject reprehensible business practices and for instance we avoid vendors that operate multi-level marketing schemes.
  • All members of our Board of Advisors are actively engaged in activities that help the community.
  • We are actively engaged in a recycling program and recycle 100% of our office waste.
  • We donate a portion of our earnings to wellness research and community causes. We welcome suggestions from members and eligible non-profit organizations on the allocation of our donations.
  • We strongly fight discrimination and promote open-mindedness. Our founders and all the members of our Board of Advisors have lived or worked in at least two of the following: the United States, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica and Europe.
  • We provide a clear privacy policy and comprehensive terms of use and make them accessible from any page on our website.
  • We report on and promote social responsibility among tai chi, pilates and yoga businesses via our newsletter and hope to inspire more community-based activities among our audience and members.
  • We report on our social responsibility activities at the end of every calendar year.

NAMASTA Ethics – Principles

The North American Studio Alliance (NAMASTA) believes in the following principles:

Openness :

  • to any studio, practice, retreat, school, association, academy, owner, manager, teacher, enthusiast;
  • to any any mind-body and movement therapy tradition, including yoga, pilates, tai chi, qigong; any bodywork and massage technique, including massage therapy, touch therapy, the Feldenkrais Method, the Alexander Technique, Reiki, Shiatsu, Rolfing and similar approaches;
  • to any idea and suggestion on how NAMASTA can serve the wellness community better.

Dedication to helping the North American wellness community by selecting topics, initiatives services and product discounts based on your needs and requests.

Independence from vendors. NAMASTA is not controlled by commercial entities. We select the vendors based on their merits and affordability and the discounts they may offer to our members.

Also, by joining NAMASTA, you give the Alliance bigger weight to negotiate even more valuable benefits.

Community giving : a portion of NAMASTA’s earnings goes back to wellness research and community causes. You make an impact by becoming a member and using the membership benefits that matter to you.

How to run a successful, ethical mind-body business

There are many ways you can do this. We hope you will find this sample article on running a yoga business inspiring.



NAMASTA was created to serve the wellness community and in turn welcomes your support. Many of the services on this website, including the Newsletter, are accessible for free.

By signing up for membership, you will help us further our mission to help the community.

Thank you for your support!