About Us

NAMASTA helps mind-body professionals like you find abundance, peace of mind and nurturing community support.

NAMASTA, the North American Studio Alliance, was founded by Bernard Slede in late 2002 after discussions with multiple mind-body and bodywork professionals like you. Bernard has been working with other mind-body authorities to empower professionals, and he has been a speaker at the Body Mind Spirit Conference.

NAMASTA’s mission is to provide a link and a resource for the community, to make it stronger.

Our audience has now grown to over 100,000 massage therapists, tens of thousands of bodyworkers and gentle movement teachers (Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi, Qigong, Nia, Ageless Grace®, GYROTONIC®…) and over 5,000 yoga and Pilates studios in North America. These professionals now need a resource to help, not with mind-body training needs (there are many excellent solutions for that!) but with such needs as:

  • strategies to recruit and keep clients
  • savings on key purchases (see how we choose our merchant partners)
  • tools to make administrative tasks easier and affordable (scheduling, client management and tracking)
  • protection via an affordable legal resource, health benefits and access to liability insurance programs

It is also our belief that mind-body professionals should keep adhering to strong ethical behavior on a voluntary basis, and the Alliance intends to inspire the community with our own behavior by giving back to wellness research and community causes. Please see our Ethics Statement.

The NAMASTA site has received a number of prestigious awards in recognition of its contribution to the community.

By joining now, you will help strengthen the NAMASTA initiative.


NAMASTA has received a number of prestigious awards in recognition of its contribution to the community, including the Gold Award from the American Association of Webmasters and the Clubs and Organizations Award.

Many authorities and figures in our community have endorsed NAMASTA and recommended it to their constituencies. See why authorities recommend NAMASTA