Newsletter Guidelines

Submit an article topic to the NAMASTA newsletter

NAMASTA welcomes original article contributions on topics related to launching, organizing and operating a yoga, pilates or tai chi center, massage practice or retreat and related topics as discussed below.

Please read these suggested guidelines in full so you can best tailor the article to the NAMASTA members, and thanks for volunteering your thoughts!

Article Submission Process


 We welcome your newsletter article contribution.

Sample topics

  • creative and proven ways to keep current clients, recruit new clients, increase revenues, reduce costs, network with other centers, how to add new packages or offerings, deal with seasonality, what works and doesn’t, great ways to structure the administrative side of your center, how to deal with the unexpected…
  • plan the launch of a first or additional center, overcome administrative problems, stay focused, tap resources, personal experiences …

Topic and style guidelines

  1. “business”- centered Please limit yourself to themes that matter to members as current or future owners, managers, professionals of studios, centers, retreats and private instruction. NAMASTA members can get information on the history and culture of their trade elsewhere.
  2. clear and lively
    • if you need to use jargon, please clarify for the benefit of all readers. Examples: samadhi, SBA, etc…
    • information organized in a numbered or bullet form is easier to read. For instance: 5 ways I have been able to increase revenues at my studio.
    • articles on the business or marketing aspects of our trade should by no means be dry and uninteresting. Make every effort to use lively style.
  3. humble and respectful of other traditions
    • Show your expertise in a way that can be looked up to, but do not address the reader in a pejorative way: you are sharing your insights.
    • Recognize that what worked for you may not work for everybody else, and do point out any factors that may limit the scope of how your experience will apply to other studios or retreats.
    • Do not treat other forms of yoga, tai chi, pilates, bodywork … as inferior.
  4. documented and verifiable Whenever possible, provide evidence of what you may be recommending:
    • statistics – please indicate source!anecdotal evidence
    • independent customer feedback or testimonials
    • trends
    • figures from your own business or that of the centers you report on (sales, client count, costs) etc. If you state facts about or quote an individual or an organization, provide information necessary for NAMASTA verification.
  5. original If you do need to quote somebody else, do not borrow copyrighted material without obtaining the author’s approval.
  6. impartial In order to keep the high value of the NAMASTA membership, NAMASTA makes a point to screen vendors whose offerings may be of interest to its members. This screening follows various criteria, including the value for the members, the cost competitiveness, reliability etc. NAMASTA therefore strongly recommends that individuals contributing articles to the newsletter shy away from promoting a particular vendor that has not been selected by NAMASTA.
  7. concise An article will generally not exceed 500 words. If you use Microsoft Word, you may see the word count by going to File/Properties/Statistics.
Article Submission Process – Overview

 Read in full before you submit

  • Fully read and understand the “Topic and style guidelines” above and the Terms of Use.
  • Article submission: Before you send any complete article, please provide an article overview with suggested title and sample paragraphs. This will allow NAMASTA and the contributor to determine whether there is a fit.

What else you should provide in the article

  • Provide a short description of yourself that can be added at the end of the article such as Jane Smith opened her first a yoga, pilates and massage center in Jonestown, KY since 1995 and has since opened another one across town. This helps readers understand why your view is relevant.
  • Consider adding your contact e-mail and/or website for readers to connect with you, as well as a clear picture of yourself in jpg or gif format – this is totally optional, but does provide additional authority to your article.
  • Submit your idea via e-mail at, we are usually able to respond within a day. You should also provide you full contact information (including all relevant phones and times you are not available), e-mail and mailing address. NAMASTA assumes no responsibility for unsolicited material submitted to us.

Once your article topic is approved, at NAMASTA’s sole discretion, we will feature your article in the next relevant issue of the newsletter.