Yoga Teacher Gifts

10. Obvious and timely: Yoga Journal 2010 Calendar


… so your friend remembers you throughout the year.

Prices: ~$8 to $11. See more…

9. Classic and lasting: Yoga Jewelry

Check out beautiful yoga-inspired jewelry by Canadian designer Om Jewels. Mention you are a NAMASTA member and receive 25% off of your order.

Other jewelry designers offer Yoga jewelry made in the US of sterling silver with a variety of styles and prices to suit your budget.

Other options include:

  • Yoga earrings
  • Yoga bracelets
  • Yoga pendants
    You will find something special for your favorite yoga teacher! 8. Gifts of Beauty and TranquilityGive the delightful, inspiring yoga art sculptures by Ovana. Jewelry and greeting cards are also available.

    View more…

    7. Plain and simple: give your friend additional insights into the yoga trends with a subscription to a yoga magazine

    There are a variety of yoga magazines to choose from:

    • Integral Yoga
  • Yoga (British publication)
  • Yoga And Health
  • Yoga for EveryBody (new)
  • Yoga Et Vie
  • and of course Yoga International 6. Relaxing and convenient: Give your yoga friend a relaxing time with a massage certificate that he or she can use anywhere

    Spa Finder Gift Certificates are welcomed at thousands of day spas across the United States. Recipients choose any spa & services desired – massage, facial, etc.

    Online: Give the gift of spa!

    5. Flowing and easy: Make Yoga Music remind your friend of you when s/he practices

    Yoga Zone is very popular among NAMASTA members because of its flowing quality. Price: $16.95.

    You can find additional yoga music CDs here.

    4. Educational and valuable: sharpen his or her business edge with a NAMASTA University distance learning course…

    … that will last a few weeks and help him/her for life!

    There are several courses to choose from, and most are priced at $29 (members get a 10% discount when they buy from the member section of the website).


  • How To Market to Women
  • How To Organize a Yoga Retreat
  • How To Grow Your Massage Business
  • 3. Refreshing and rewarding: Ship your friend a genuine tool that will help further enhance his/her practiceDo you know THE best-seller in the NAMASTA community? B. K. S. Iyengar’s Light on Yoga. The definitive guide to the philosophy and practice of Yoga–the ancient healing discipline for body and mind–by its greatest living teacher. A must have for any yoga teacher’s book collection!

    You can buy Light on Yoga for $12.

    2. Empowering and immediate: Want to help your friend and support the community?

    Give your friend the power of a yoga teacher network with the NAMASTA membership.

    Yoga Teachers now can access new liability insurance programs, new health benefits and save on more yoga services such as a new yoga website design services.

    The NAMASTA Membership starts at only $9.99 a month. Also makes a perfect gift for studio owners who want to reward and retain their teachers.

    1. The truest and simplest gift: your time and attention

    To paraphrase a TV ad:
    “There are things money cannot buy. For everyone, quality time with your friend is worth more than any material gift”.

    Friendship and gratitude do not need material objects to manifest themselves.

    And if you need to connect with a faraway friend, perhaps a yoga note card or a simple long distance phone call might do.
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