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What readers say

The newsletter is always informative and gives a variety of valuable tips!
Jennifer, L’Esprit de Corps Studio, Toronto

I love the pertinent newsletter and the discounts on valuable services
Amanda, Orcutt Yoga Center, California

What the NAMASTA Newsletter offers

The NAMASTA newsletter offers yoga teachers, massage therapists, bodyworkers, mind-body teachers and studio owners:

  1. Information on running a wellness activity
  2. Insights and opinions shared by other members in the community
    NAMASTA publishes the Newsletter every 4 to 6 weeks. We encourage your feedback, your article contribution and your participation with occasional polls we conduct. We strive to serve the wellness community with our publication.
    Article topics have included:

  3. Details about the membership services offered and discounts obtained, and how they apply to your needs.

Contributing an article to the NAMASTA Newsletter

The NAMASTA Newsletter is a great tool to communicate your ideas, opinions, achievements and experience to the community of mind-body professionals.

If you would like to contribute an article, be sure to read our guidelines for article submission and write us by clicking here

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