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"Can YOU avoid lawsuits in our litigious society?"

Dear YogaFinder friend,

A few weeks ago, NAMASTA conducted a survey of yoga teachers and healing arts professionals to get a sense of what legal issues matter.

The dominant fear was that of a lawsuit:

84% of yoga teachers and mind-body professionals are somewhat (31)% or very (52%) concerned about lawsuits.

One typical yoga teacher told us:

"My most pressing legal concern is how to protect myself from being sued. I am a yoga teacher, I have waivers (health and disclosure) to screen for various injuries and the like. Is there anything else I can do to protect myself against law suits?"

Another finding was that 68% have questions on employment contracts, either as studio owners or as independent contractors.

Another mind-body professional asked:
"When hiring independent contractors rather than employees, what are the do's and don'ts, do you need a contract between the parties, what things do you need to consider?"

We submitted those and many other questions to two top attorneys in the field of healing arts, one of whom is also a Registered Yoga Teacher.

They produced 2 reports:
* a Special Report, available shortly via NAMASTA University. It shows you:
- the risk areas
- what to do
- and contains sample contracts

* a Free Report, which you can receive immediately by signing up in the box below. You will first receive the full NAMASTA survey results.

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