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NAMASTA University:
Sharpen Your Skills And Grow Your Practice

Choose among the following courses:
Tai Chi: How To Be A Successful Tai Chi Teacher

Retreats: How to Organize a Successful Retreat
Massage: Ignite Your Massage Therapy Business
Marketing / Massage: Marketing Secrets for Massage Therapists
Marketing: How to Market To Women
Massage: Massage Marketing Strategies
Advertising & PR: Get More Clients Without Spending On Advertising
Web Sites: How To Get A Website That Gets Clients And Doesn't Cost Much
Business Skills: Small Business Advantage by the New York Times
NEW: $500 off your whole health education

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You have attended a massage therapy school or Pilates or yoga training or another mind-body establishment. Now how do you take your skills and your passion and generate the revenue you deserve?

Mind-body and bodywork professionals all over the world can now get NAMASTA's cutting-edge distance learning courses to enhance their business success with leaders in our fields.

As you take any course, you will get expert advice from the comfort of your own chair. Choose among these exclusive courses:


A Successful Tai Chi Teacher!

Are you a struggling Tai Chi teacher who sees your classes shrink from week to week?

Are you an experienced Tai Chi teacher who is looking for a fresh way to interact with your students??

Would you like to get answers now from a world authority on teaching Tai Chi?

In "How to be a Successful Tai Chi Teacher", the inspiring guide for Tai Chi and Qigong professionals, Bill Douglas shares his secrets to building a prosperous and rewarding Tai Chi and Qigong teaching practice.

Bill Douglas is the 2009 Internal Arts Hall of Fame Inductee (American Association of Internal Arts); and was recipient of the 2007 Extraordinary Service in the Field of Qigong Award (National Qigong Association). Bill is also the founder of World T'ai Chi & Qigong Day, which celebrated its 10th anniversary on April 26, 2008. Bill has been commissioned to teach Tai Chi & Qigong for many of the world's largest corporations, and in 2009 to present for the US Department of Health & Human Service's National Institutes of Health in Washington, D.C.

Bill says that his book will give you...
    "an insight into ways to take what you are already teaching to the next level, by making your T'ai Chi and Qigong more pleasurable ... tangible ... meaningful ... expansive ... and fun for your students -- no matter what style you are teaching."

And Bill Douglas now makes "How to be a Successful Tai Chi Teacher" available to you, exclusively as a downloadable e-book via NAMASTA University. The feedback has been stellar, see for example this one from Australia:
      "Your e-book on "How to be a Successful Tai Chi Teacher" has been the main reason for my success.

      I am looking forward to the next few months where I will be expanding more into the community and offering Tai Chi, Qigong and Yi Quan to more and more people.

      Your words echo so true when you talk about being authentic and to enjoy your teaching. Thanks once again!

      -- James Lincoln, Hobart, Australia, Dragon River Tai Chi

Click Here to Buy "How to be a Successful Tai Chi Teacher" Now!

About 200 pages, this e-book is sent to you in segments,
with the first one sent to you as you order now.

Associate NAMASTA Members: you are entitled to a 10% discount on this manual. Sign in using the login box at the top left and visit the Member Discounts and Privileges section or call us at 1 877 NAMASTA (Toll-Free in the US and Canada).

Douglas is also the best-selling author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Tai Chi and Qigong and many other books and DVDs that make the art accessible to all. His other accolades include the 2005 Leadership Award Winner (National Tai Chi Chuan Association); 2005 Media Excellence in the Field of Qigong Award (World Congress on Qigong); and the 2007 Lou Gehrig Hero Award recipient (ALS Association).

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BESTSELLER: How to Organize a Successful Retreat

Annalisa Cunningham now shares her successful retreat secrets. Annalisa has been a retreat organizer for 25 years and she wrote best sellers on mind-body practices and "Yoga Vacations: a Guide to International Yoga Retreats".

In this fun 6-week e-mail course, she takes you through all the steps required to make your retreat a success. This course is designed for those wanting to learn the basics of retreat planning.

Annalisa reveals:

point how to choose the best location for your retreat
point how to market your retreat and get participants
point how to make sure things will run smoothly
point and much more...

See more info and the bonuses you get when you order How To Organize A Successful Retreat

Order Now: How to Organize a Successful Retreat

Associate NAMASTA Members: Please log in and visit the "Member discounts & privileges" section of the website to get a 10% discount.

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Ignite Your Massage Therapy Business

  • Does your massage business not have enough clients?
  • Just starting out and don't know where to get your first client?
  • Or are you an experienced professional therapist with wear and tear issues?
Then you should get your hands on this unique method to help your massage business be successful.

This best-selling massage therapy business book was written by Amy Roberts, the highly successful massage therapist who shares her recipes for building and growing your bodywork practice. Amy Roberts reveals:
  1. 3 techniques to chart the success of your therapy business
  2. the mindset of the most successful massage therapists in the world
  3. key pricing tips
  4. the secret of gaining years of experience in just one hour. This short cut will save years of stress
  5. how to get clients to call immediately
  6. the single most important asset in your massage practice - not 1% of therapists know this
  7. Many more massage business success tips

Order here
and get a free 30 minute teleconsultation

This practical book saves you hundreds of dollars of mistakes, marketing training and consultant's fees.

Click here to order
Ignite your Massage Therapy Business for only $139.97

Get a free 30 minute teleconsultation by ordering now

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Marketing Secrets for Massage Therapists

After 7 years of experience in building a massage practice of over 3000 clients and hiring ten staff, Amy Roberts, the author of Ignite your Massage Therapy Business, reveals her secrets in a new guidebook.

In the easy-to-read 108-page book, Amy Roberts walks you through how you should about designing, placing and using:

    Tick Client Referrals
    Tick Word of Mouth Advertising
    Tick Corporate Massage
    Tick Newspaper Advertising
    Tick Business Cards
    Tick Shows and Exhibits
    Tick Web Sites
    Tick Leaflets and Brochures
    Tick And Much More in this information packed e-book

Click here to order
Marketing Secrets for Massage Therapists for only $112.97

Get a free marketing consultation by ordering now

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How to Grow
Your Business By Focusing
On Women

Did you know? Purchases by women now total trillions of dollars annually, accounting for roughly 80% of all consumer expenditures.

Most mind-body businesses in particular rely on female clients for their survival. So, reaching out to women more effectively should be the number one priority for your business.

How to Grow Your Business By Focusing On Women helps mind-body business owners like you see their brands through a woman's eyes, unlocking the secrets to developing products, services, and marketing strategies that truly resonate with female buyers.

The course was developed by Andrea Learned, the expert on marketing to women and Pilates teacher. It is based on her best-selling book on the marketing to women.

Andrea Learned walks you through an easy step-by-step process to grow your business and gives you practical examples and reminders to assimilate the material. She also shows you how to avoid common traps.

More info on the course that shows you how to market to women.

Associate NAMASTA Members: Please log in and visit the Member Privileges section and get a 10% member discount.

Order How to Grow Your Business By Focusing On Women
8-week class delivered by e-mail,
the first class is delivered to you today as you buy the course now.

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Marketing Strategies


Massage Marketing Strategies

This e-book contains:
  • 15 massage business articles covering vital topics such as:
    • marketing your practice to add thousands of dollars in extra income
    • avoiding no-shows
    • safety - to keep yourself out of harm's way
    • keeping your clients
    • selling products
    • etc...
  • 99 business tips
  • a web site checklist for increasing your income
  • a Sample Independent Contractor Agreement
  • and a top 10 list for marketing your business for free.

massage therapy businessAuthor Colleen Holloway, LMT built a plan to market her practice and then sold her business for $100,000.00.

She says "This e-Book is only for serious massage therapists and bodyworkers eager to start a business or experience immediate growth in their current business, find new markets to tap into, and learn unique, proven methods to effectively build their business."

Since most bodyworkers like you need a better business, income and lifestyle, get your hands on this unique tool.

Get Massage Marketing Strategies
for only $39.95

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How To Build Credibility And Get Tons More Clients To Know You Without Spending A Dime on Advertising

Have you ever wondered why some holistic practitioners are so well known while others struggle to simply get noticed?

If you want your work to stand out, reaching those who need your help, join this content-rich teleclass hosted by NAMASTA. The special guest is Megan McDonough, marketing expert and long-time mind-body professional.

During the course, you'll learn the same steps that earned one yoga teacher $1,000 for a 30-minute speaking engagement. (How often has that happened to you by paying for an advertisement?)

Why fumble on your own when you can access practical and usable information from an expert who understands our field?

You receive a CD and several free bonuses by e-mail over the next few days including a sample press release, a handy summary on how to write a press release and additional resources.
More info on using PR to grow your business

Order How to Grow Your Business Using PR
$29 + S/H

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Audio Course:
Low Cost Secrets To Growing Your Business With A Great Website

Do you think that to get an effective website you need lots of money, technical expertise and plenty of time to develop it?

If you have an existing website that's not bringing in the referrals, or you're thinking it's time to get a website of your own, this information-packed class is for you.

In this 1-hour audio course, Brian Fulp discloses the secrets you need to know to get or update your site so it is an effective marketing tool -- and an inexpensive one. Brian Fulp knows the topic: he heads Websites for Yoga Teachers, a division of the Himalayan Institute, which owns Yoga International.

More info on Low Cost Secrets To Growing Your Business With A Great Website

Buy Low Cost Secrets To Great Websites Now!
$29 + S/H

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Small Business Advantage
- full New York Times collection

This is an inexpensive way to get a business education created by top notch university professors and edited by the New York Times.

9 hours of audio material help you get a full grasp of

  • business planning
  • growing and managing a business
  • sales & marketing
  • leadership and vision

More details

Order Small Business Advantage
8 audio tapes, $29.95 + S/H

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NEW: $500 off your whole health education

The National Institute of Whole Health in Wellesley, MA, gives NAMASTA members access to their Whole Health Education career and practice enhancement programs at a substantial discount:

  • Whole Health Counseling certification
  • Whole Health Skills training for Body Workers
  • CEUs for Health Care Professionals

    What Mind-Body Professionals Say:

    "The program was phenomenal, full of so much information and knowledge. The most signifiant thing for me was being able to truly understand how everything is
    connected to everything else."
    - Kathy Farrell, B.A., certified Yoga Instructor

    "Coming to this program was like 'adding another layer to the onion' to enhance all that I practice, and adding the finishing touches to fine tune myself and the client contacts I have daily. I am so looking forward to the second yearl!"
    - Lori Valle, Massage Therapist

    NAMASTA Professional Members get $500 off any program from the National Institute of While Health (Associate Members get $200 off). To become a member of NAMASTA, call Member Services at 1 877 626 2782 (877 NAMASTA) or sign up online.

    If you are not yet a member, follow this link for details and an introductory discount only available here on National Institute of Whole Health education programs.

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