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Liability Insurance for
Yoga, Massage Therapy, Pilates, Tai Chi

For massage insurance, click here

Step 1 - Join NAMASTA
Step 2 - Apply for Yoga Insurance, also for Pilates or Tai Chi
-- Policy Details - Yoga teachers and studios - also for Tai Chi and Massage
-- CANADA: Insurance for Yoga, Pilates, and Personal Training - individuals and studios
-- International Retreats

Are you looking for instant liability protection? NAMASTA is a membership-supported organization for Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi, Qigong teachers and Healing Arts practitioners like you, open to all traditions. We want to help you:

    Get new students - Reduce costs - Feel protected

yoga massage
What experts say

NAMASTA provides you with:

  • Instant Access to Professional Liability Insurance
  • Access to health insurance plans
  • Discounts on many services for your practice
  • Unlimited access to the NAMASTA article archive
  • Resources to grow your business and much more...
  • Learn more about Associate and Professional Membership!

To apply for the liability insurance program, you need to first join NAMASTA. NAMASTA accepts no compensation from our insurance partners. Reminder: NAMASTA membership is required to purchase insurance (membership dues do not include insurance)

Easily join NAMASTA and then apply for insurance with no paperwork involved.

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Step 1: Join NAMASTA

  • It is simple to join and enjoy immediate benefits

    Besides access to liability coverage, NAMASTA members enjoy free privileges:

    • discounts on teaching supplies
    • a free alternative health care benefit
    • access to health insurance options
    • exclusive strategies to get new students and improve your professional skills
    • access to preferred rates on legal services
    • discounts on web site development
    • access to many useful services for your teaching activity and your personal use.

  • It is Affordable, Fast And Easy

    • Affordable:

      Associate Membership costs only $99.99 for 1 year.

      If you own - or are planning to own - a studio or business or have staff, you will sense the value of the Professional Membership ($199/year).

      Check with your tax expert on how to deduct the membership dues and liability coverage for tax purposes.

    • Fast And Easy:

      NO paperwork is required and your membership can be activated instantly either online or toll-free by calling us from 10 AM to 5 PM ET at 1 877 626 2782.

yoga instructor Once you join NAMASTA, you will be able to instantly log-in and access the Member Services section to apply for insurance.

Join NAMASTA Instantly Online Now!

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Step 2: Apply for Yoga Insurance, Pilates, Massage, and Tai Chi

Reminder: NAMASTA membership is required to access these programs (membership dues do not include insurance)
(see Step 1 to join).

IMPORTANT Information & Disclaimers

  • The cost of the liability coverage is NOT included in the NAMASTA membership dues.
  • NAMASTA is not an insurance company, does not sell insurance and is not compensated by the insurers. The contracts are between you and the brokerage firms. NAMASTA is a member-supported organization. It does not recommend a particular company, policy or coverage amount and does not provide advice on these matters.
  • Information on this page was supplied by the insurers and is provided to you in summarized form for your convenience.
    Check the full information provided by the insurer for any questions or details.
  • NAMASTA members have access to these optional liability programs provided by third party brokerage firms. We have obtained special terms for NAMASTA members and access to those programs is provided for the convenience of NAMASTA members.

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Liability Insurance Programs

Policy Details - Yoga Insurance for teachers and studios
- also covers Mat Pilates, Tai Chi & Qigong, Thai Yoga Massage, Massage Therapy.

NAMASTA members in the United States can access specialized insurance programs for: teachers of Yoga, Mat and Apparatus-based Pilates, Tai Chi, Qigong, Gyrotonic®, Nia, Reiki practitioners, Personal Trainers, Massage Therapists, Bodyworkers, and combinations thereof.

Studio/business coverage is also available.

Reminder: NAMASTA membership is required to access these programs
(see Step 1 for information about joining).

Policy details

Click below to find out premiums and coverage details. Product liability and business property coverage are available separately.

  • Yoga Teacher

  • Massage Therapist and Practitioner

  • Reiki, Healing Touch

  • Dance, Movement Instruction

  • Mat Pilates

  • Tai Chi, Qigong

  • Pilates Instructor (equipment and mat-based Pilates), Gyrotonic, Fitness, Nia Technique, Personal Trainers

  • Yoga, massage and pilates studio owners, contact us for more details.

  • Wondering about another style, art or modality? Contact us for more details.

    Join NAMASTA Instantly Online Now!

      coverage If you absolutely need your NAMASTA membership and policy to be activated instantly, please call us toll-free at 1-877-NAMASTA. We will register your membership immediately and help you fast-track your application with the insurer.

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    massage insurance in Canada CANADA - Access to Insurance for Massage, Yoga, Pilates, Gyrotonic® and Personal Training - individuals and studios

      NAMASTA members in Canada (excluding those in Quebec and the Maritime provinces) can access a specialized liability insurance program for many areas of complementary health care - all under one policy.

      Some of the major areas included in this individual policy are:

        Yoga - Pilates - Acupressure - Massage - Gyrotonic® - Qi-Gong - Personal Training - Crystal Healing - Nutritional Consulting - Thai Yoga Massage Therapy - Cranial Sacral - Energy Work - Sound Therapy - Tai Chi - Aromatherapy - Hellerwork - Hydrotherapy - Therapeutic Touch - Reiki - Reflexology - Polarity Therapy - Healing Touch - Iridology - Colour Therapy - Osteopathy - Esthetics * - Other *

        * For esthetics and for other modalities not listed here, further information is required for review and approval.

      The liability limits are:

        - Professional liability: CAD $2 million
        - General liability limit: CAD $2 million
        - Legal Expense for abuse: CAD $25,000
        - Tenants legal liability: CAD $250,000

      The annual premium for the policy is CAD $175, plus a CAD $25 policy fee. This is an occurrence based policy. Higher limits are also available.

      (Studio policies in Canada may be obtained separately. Please contact us for more details.)

      To Apply

      This policy is available exclusively for NAMASTA members. If you are not yet a member, once you have joined, you will be able to enroll in the insurance program.

      Also check the full Canadian NAMASTA Member Benefits.

      Call us at 1 877 626 2782 for more details or e-mail us at

      Join NAMASTA Instantly Online Now!

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      International Retreats

      Call us at 1 877 626 2782 for more details or e-mail us at

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