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Fluorescent Light Covers, Diffusers and Panels

Fluorescent Light Covers and Light Diffusers
Buy Now: Special Introductory Offer!

Fluorescent Light Diffusers by Skypanels
for your home, studio, school or business

Why consider USA Skypanels for decorative fluorescent light diffusers?

  1. Fluorescent light diffusers create a soothing atmosphere ideal for relaxation, meditation, focus and improved concentration.

    fluorescent light diffuser

    Fluorescent lighting is unfortunately a standard in most studios, office spaces and schools where there can be limited natural light available.

    Thankfully, light covers for your existing harsh fluorescent lighting can be a solution for your space.

    "It makes everyone in the office feel more relaxed.
    The whole space feels softer

  2. Transform your space - yoga studio, wellness center, massage office or any environment without the high costs of hiring a general contractor to build a skylight. Installing fluorescent light diffusers will impress your clients, friends and family and make them feel welcome. Your employees or students will thank you for them.

    This is especially true in winter months when natural light and sunshine are limited and the majority of your day is spent indoors. Have everyone feel the warmth and calming effect of ceiling sky panels.

    "Everytime I see it I smile *"

    fluorescent light glare

    light diffuser

  3. Reduce harsh glare and flickering that can occur with existing sterile fluorescent lighting.

    Using a computer monitor in environments with fluorescent lighting can also cause eye strain for some people.

    Fortunately, light panels have been known to help reduce headaches and migraines, eye strain and eye-muscle fatigue caused by fluorescent lights.

    "We love our own blue skies right here... *"

  4. There are many designs to choose from: Cumulus I, clouds, hot air balloons, trees, palms, ...even use your imagination to create your custom design (extra charge applies).

    NEW design Jacaranda tree panel design:

    Besides work and school environments, designs are also suitable for your home in kitchens, bathrooms, hallways, foyers and laundry rooms. It is like having your own sun room in your home.

  5. Fluorescent Light Covers are very fast and easy to install yourself. Most installations can be done in a few minutes with minimal effort and only a few simple tools.

    Simply replace your existing fluorescent light covers with these uniquely designed, standard-size diffusers.

    (fit most fluorescent lights: 24" x 48" - can be trimmed with a simple razor knife if necessary).

    Light diffusers are made of 100% acrylic material, are long lasting (up to 20 years) and will not discolor.

    *real quotes from Rhythms of Life Wellness Center, Sherman Oaks, CA

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    eye strain Special Introductory Offer Tick

    A skylight would normally cost thousands of dollars to install. You can get these soothing light diffusers instead for the introductory price of only $39.97 each (regular price $55.95 each).

    Act now! It is worth the investment for your well-being and that of everyone around you.

    Shipping and Handling Costs

    Light diffusers are shipped by FedEx, 1-12 panels per box at a cost of $14.95 per box. Orders of 13-24 panels are shipped in two boxes at a total cost of $19.95. For three or more boxes, the total shipping cost is $29.95. (excluding AK, HI).

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    >> Buy fluorescent light diffusers online now!

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